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The former Rotary Action Group Healthy Pregnancies / Healthy Children was a Rotary Global Networking Group but not an agency of, or controlled by, Rotary International.

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The former Rotary Action Group provided information, expertise and encouragement to Rotarians and Rotaractors, and Clubs / Districts to stimulate them in reducing child and maternal mortality and morbidity and to enhance disease prevention and treatment. The action group was terminated in June 2019. The former RAG HP/HC was particularly focused on prevention during the period before pregnancy: preconception care.
Former RAG HP/HC benefited from your views, expertise and local networks in implementing actions and seeking resources for campaigns, demonstration projects, feasibility and pilot studies in your area. 


Even after the termination of RAG HP/HC........
Create awareness in your community: ‘Letter to my dear daughter, dear son’, Yolo game.
Initiate an activity for your club or district: ‘Multi-stakeholder conference’. 


The period before pregnancy, the preconception phase, is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and for safe motherhood.
A healthy pregnancy diminishes the big five of neonatal mortality and morbidity: early birth, small for gestational age, delivery trauma, infections and congenital anomalies. A healthy neonatal period paves the way for good growth and development.With a declining number of babies born per woman all over the world, we should focus on quality of life.

Preconception care is based on a set of worldwide and scientifically sound recommendations regarding environment, lifestyle, nutrition and health. These recommendations may differ geographically and may be prioritized depending on political, social and economic circumstances and on the state of public health. They should be cohesive and lead to effective interventions with broad public and professional support. 

Preconception care starts with awareness to take responsibility for the next generation and is not only about nutrition, chronic diseases, medication, folic acid, intoxication and genetics, but even more dependent on safety and protection, hygiene, life-style, socio-economic circumstances and education, items too that influence one another and further health and well-being later on.  


The important factors in preconception care coincide with the focus areas of the Rotary Foundation: peace, health care for mother and child, disease prevention, hygiene, education and economic development. Actually, most projects of the Foundation have an impact on preconception care. 

Rotary is characterized by leadership in a great diversity of vocations all over the world. In Rotary we have the knowledge and skills for the various measures in preconception care and with our fellowship we can easily bring them together. We have the leadership quality and the skills to organize the local set of recommendations needed for preconception care in a community if local or national authorities fail in doing so.

Preconception care is the ultimate prevention: relevant, sustainable, not expensive, and in details easy to incorporate in your Rotary projects. 

It is all according to the 2030 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

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