Rotarian Action Group Healthy Pregnancies/Healthy Children: Who-is-Who

ABN-AMRO Bank Account RAG HP/HC: IBAN - NL51 ABNA 0626 1243 60 / BIC - ABNANL 2A


Vacancy. E-mail:

AG Cor van OTTERLOO, Netherlands. E-mail: (RC Purmerend / D1580)

Peter STULP, Netherlands. E-mail:  (RC Utrecht / D1570)

Pauline VERLOOVE-VANHORICK, Netherlands (RC Leiden / D1600)

AG Cor van OTTERLOO, Netherlands. E-mail: (RC Purmerend / D1580)

IBAN: NL51 ABNA 0626 1243 60 / BIC: ABNANL 2A

Other board members:

  • Patricia MINAYA FLORES, France (RC Meaux / D1770)
  • Gerard VISSER, Netherlands (RC De Bilt-Bilthoven / D1570)
  • Symone DETMAR, Netherlands (RC Leiden / D1600) 
  • PDG Jan Lucas KET, Netherlands (RC Purmerend / D1580)
We honour as former board members:
  • PRID Paul Knijff (first chair)
  • Tanja de Vos van Steenwijk (first treasurer)
  • Harma Schaafsma (first secretary)
  • PDG Hans Steinhart

General policy statement:
The Rotarian Action Group Healthy Pregnancies / Healthy Children (RAG HP/HC) is a non-profit organisation registered under Dutch law.

RAG HP/HC provides information, expertise and encouragement to Rotarians and Clubs/Districts to stimulate them to participate in achieving the former 4th and 5th UN Millennium Development Goal to reduce significantly child mortality (under the age of five) and maternal mortality. It offers a broad range of activities and projects in the field of at least two Areas of Focus of the Rotary Foundation: 'Maternal & Child Health' and 'Disease Prevention & Treatment'. In particular RAG HP/HC focuses on prevention during the period before pregnancy.

The coming years we will focus on creating Rotarians’ awareness and stimulation of their own activities. To this end, we will prepare materials, have them manufactured and make them available to Rotary Clubs and Rotarians. In addition, we will attend Rotary meetings at all levels, including Conventions.

For covering the operating costs of the organisation, members contribute financially through an annual membership fee. Donors contribute incidentally indicating for what purpose the contribution is meant. The costs of projects initiated through RAG HP/HC are covered via RAG HP/HC and fund raising generally organised by the Rotarians in Clubs and/or Districts that execute the projects locally.

Receipts and expenditure will be executed via the RAG HP/HC bank-account number ABN-AMRO RAG HP/HC:
IBAN - NL51 ABNA 0626 1243 60 / BIC - ABNANL 2A.

Annually the Board will render account (both of governance and finance) to members and Rotary International by publishing relevant documents on the website within 6 months after closing of the financial year. The Board will manage RAG HP/HC’s capital. No risk-bearing investments are allowed.

Financial reports: Rotary years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018

Compensation policy:
RAG HP/HC does not remunerate its (board) members. All office-holders are volunteers.

Chamber of Commerce (Netherlands) registration:
KvK - 63401932
RSIN - 855219981
Contact data:
Houttuinen 1
1441 AG Purmerend
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 299 433638