The former RAG Healthy Pregnancies / Healthy Children advised and facilitated Rotary Districts, Clubs and Rotarians in case they intended to run projects that fit in our purpose. The former RAG was not meant for funding your projects. Districts, Clubs and individual Rotarians are supposed to raise the funds themselves. Within Rotary is possible to acquire additional financial support via the grant system of The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
Ask your District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) or your Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator (RRFC) what possibilities there are. For your orientation please find RI/TRF's policy statement with respect to the Area of Focus Maternal & Child Health as available on

On the (our) shelf
Create awareness in your own family:
Spread the Letter "To my dear daughter, dear son" in your language:
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A father or mother, or any close relative, may vary the text according to needs and wishes as long as the core-info stays intact. Here the Word files in: NederlandsEnglishFrançais.

Create awareness and provide education in your community:
Donate the educational game YOLO
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Enhance preconception care in your country, state or region:
Organize a multi-stakeholder conference through this roadmap

Other projects
Reproductive health education program at secondary schools and hospitals:
TRF Global Grant between Paramaribo Residence (D-7030) and RC Leiden (D-1600)
To provide a reproductive health education program at secondary schools through trained midwives and other health care professionals and to provide a healthy pregnancy education program for women visiting hospitals and primary health care clinics in Paramaribo, Suriname The ultimate aim is a decrease in maternal and child deaths and an increase in their health.

A preventive child health care clinic by Skype:
To establish a preventive child health care clinic and to coach and guide health care workers in the Medicare Trust Hospital for safe birth in Lahore, Pakistan. By a Dutch pediatrician (with knowledge of the Pakistani and Dutch health care systems and languages) on site and later through a weekly Skype session between the Netherlands and Pakistan. To establish a new function of the Medicare Hospital.

Starting folic acid weeks before conception instead of in early pregnancy:
Creating awareness that the use of extra folic acid to prevent neural tube defects and cleft lips and palate is of no use after the first six weeks of pregnancy and should be started more than four weeks before conception. Folic acid should be placed on another shelf in the drugstore and attention should be asked for complementary preconception care and measures.